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It wasn't particularly great, nor was it the worst.
Initially she estimated out home to be sold 15% higher than we ended up selling it for. We had 7 shows until eventually succeeded to sell. We didn't get much help for the tax declaration either. She is professional and does the best she can, but she's not as experienced, hence the price is a bit cheaper than competition. I recommend Camilla as an honest home dealer. Läs mer
2019-04-26 Camilla A svarar Alex H
Hello, Alex. As you know, the market has been the hardest it’s been during my ten years of experience, considering the falling market prices. I appreciate your conclusion that I’m an honest broker, however it saddens me that the end price didn’t meet your expectations. Unfortunately, that is currently the norm.

I always assist my costumers with the tax declaration, however I’m currently on maternity leave. I received your email today and I’ll pass it forward to a coworker who will be able to help you expertly. I wish you and your family all the best.
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I used services from Robert Kullberg from Fastighetsbyrån to buy a new apartment and sell the old one.
Obviously I speak English and I'm new to Sweden.
Through the whole process he helped me by describing the rules as well as how to make a fair deal. I got a very good service with a high quality. My dealer was always accessible and did his best to give us a smooth and easy experience. I highly recommend him for buying or selling apartments. Läs mer
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