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This is a company that is locally known for their knowledge of Land Rovers. However, they seem to have forgotten all of their experience!

Service prices are insane, apparently because they have to go off how long the Land Rover manual tells them it takes, not their decades of experience.

I arranged a service, which needed to be 2 weeks from the original date due to their lack of available rental cars (the service would take 2 days, I was told) I arrived on the day only to be told they had no rental cars available! But then they found one and it's an old VW golf - bearing in mind I drive a Land Rover because I live at a house on a country lane... They then found one, but it was booked out for later that day, so I could only rent it for 2 hours. I live over an hour drive from them. This was useless. I'd already told them that when booking the service. However, they managed to complete a 2 day service in 3 hours! So that was some form of magic. The service still cost over 10k SEK though...

When they found a problem that I asked them to look into, it took them over a month to get back to me with a price to fix - AFTER I had to remind them they were going to phone me. When they did, they told me it would cost over 21,000 SEK to fix - a price that was over 2x what I was told to expect. When I asked why, they said:

1 - The main part would cost over 8,000 SEK. This is twice the actual price of the part from a local Land Rover parts provider - who sells it at retail prices...

2 - The amount of time to fix it was based on Land Rover's manuals and estimates, not their experience of a decade of working on these cars... Let alone the main engineer told me "this is one of the most common problems with this vehicle".

So for part 1, I immediately sniffed out a problem. But the problem with part 2 is most frustrating. If it's the most common problem, why aren't they using their experience to help fix the car, but giving me estimates based on a Land Rover manual?!

This garage used to be the main specialist for Land Rover repair. Now, they're chancers who take advantage of their customers. There are other 4x4 specialists in Stockholm who charge much more reasonable prices and treat you like a valued customer. Läs mer
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