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Jan F


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Firstly, Mobility Motors did the annual service before the bilprovning. Bilprovning had 2 anmärkningar which we should correct: one front light bulb had been put in incorrectly by Mobility Motors so that the beam shone into oncoming traffic so did not pass bilprovning, and one front light casing was diffuse and did not pass bilprovning. Because we had 2 anmärkningar we had to go back to bilprovning within a month - OBS! 1 of these anmärkningar would have been avoidable if Mobility Motors had done their job properly, then we would not have had to go back for a re-bilprovning. 2nd time at Mobility Motors - to correct the failed bilprovning items: they replaced the front light casing from a second-hand one we provided them with but they obviously did not bother to transfer the new light bulb from the old casing. They did nothing about changing the light beam on the other front light. 2nd time to bilprovning, same 2 anmärkningar so the car farled bilprovningen again. SO we took the car to a different garage(Mekonomen in Vinsta) and they sorted out these 2 problems, Mekonomen even took the car to the re-bilprovning and the car passed bilprovning without a problem. Mobility Motors do not seem to care about their customers, do not listen, do not do the job they are asked to do, and are sloppy. At they end of the day their failures cost us A LOT OF MONEY. We will not be using Mobility Motors again. Läs mer
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