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In general, it's not a good experience.

We agreed to finish in two weeks, they have left the apartment empty for one week, nobody comes!

They then spent three days painting all surfaces in the apartment, but the result is so bad, the painted surface is uneven with visible holes. Guess what? They didn't put on primer (Spackla), they didn't sand the wall.

I can't blame all the workers because they do what they had been told by their boss. Their boss claim to have years of experience, I can only think their boss tried to take a risk fooling people around, this is pure unprofessional.

The solution is simple, they start all over again, priming all walls, sand all walls, the result is OK but not great, because they really rushed trying to catch up their due date. They have a two days delay, such a waste of everyone's time.

They cost more than most of their competitors, that's why I picked them, for better result and less trouble. Is it worth my money? No!

Flooring is very nicely done I can recommend. Läs mer
2018-08-24 K3 Gruppen svarar Liang C
Hello Liang,
Im sorry that we couldent deliver the way we wanted this time.
We had to much to do and got delayed, we tried to get more painters and some of this recruits dident go the way we wanted.
I have been in the apartment and what i can see everything looks good now.
If you think otherwise please contact med and we will fix it.
I know we was 2 days late and i offered you to pay for your hotel but you wanted us to paint 3-4 doors instead which we did for free.

Best Regards

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