Josefin Ericson
en del av Svensk Fastighetsförmedling Hammarby Sjöstad

4.9 / 5 i betyg — 17 rekommendationer
Andrew R


Insamlad av företaget
If I could give Josefin a TEN, I would!!

She was absolutely amazing to work with, from the moment we met her, through the listing, bidding, negotiation, and signing.

From our first meeting, she translated key words into English, so I could understand (my fiancee is Swedish), and feel apart of the process from the start. Absolutely amazing. Josefin was extremely prepared and did a significant amount of research BEFORE we met, which I interpreted as she cared, was passionate, understood the market, and had the resources and support available for us all to succeed!

We informed Josefin that selling our apartment was dependent on winning our bidding. She reassured us, even if we didn't win, we would have photos for when we did, and we could quickly get our apartment on the market.

During the entire process, Josefin was always in contact with us, discussing the flow, the strategy, and expectation management. She was contacting leads, driving visitors, ensuring we had the maximum visibility possible.

During the viewing and the bidding process, Josefin was keeping us up to date. From the first bid to the last bid, we felt that she was always in contact with us, keeping us aware of the number of viewers, the bidders and their status. We had negotiations going, and she kept both parties engaged and to a very successful outcome.

I cannot recommend Josefin enough. She's passionate, professional, committed, and personable. She reassured us when we are uncertain, and always kept a positive view.

Thank you very much Josefin! Läs mer
2019-08-27 Josefin E svarar Andrew R
Thank you so much for your wonderful words and recommendations. It was a pleasure to work with you and Maja and I am so happy to hear that you are satisfied with the end result. I really appreciate your kind words, see you again on the tillträde :)
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