Parkering Malmö

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Mikkel Nicolai Gottlieb B


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I had a very bad experience with this company. I pay for a parking spot in our garage, and every month they send me a new parking license that i need to switch out. One month i forgot about it and got a ticket. I was absolutely sure that if i took a picture of the valid parking license that they would be able to cancel the ticket (since while i was a fool to forget to switch it out, i still HAD a valid license). They flat out refused to cancel the ticket, saying that me forgetting to switch it out was not a valid reason to cancel it. Then i decided that if i was to pay 600 for a parking fine, i would then cancel the parking spot for one month (which is 900). So i went to their offices to ask one more time for them to cancel the ticket since they would be loosing 300 (if i cancel my spot). Again, there was NO attempt to even resolve this, it was just flat out NO. Then i asked them to cancel the parking space, and the guy asked me if i wanted to cancel it from October, and i said yes. Then i received a new parking license valid for october, and i wrote to them to verify that they had the cancellation. They replied to me that there is one month of cancellation, so i wont be able to cancel it until last day of october... This is, by far, the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I new from other people when i moved from Denmark, that the customer service in sweden in general, was poor, but i did not know it was THIS bad Läs mer
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