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Happy Kids Education AB

Ekenleden 11A, 428 36 Kållered — Visa karta

2.7 i betyg av 3 rekommendationer

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  • Ann-Marie J
    Ann-Marie J skrev om Happy Kids Education AB
    Har tre barn som alla gått eller går på Happy Kids Kållered och är jättenöjd! Mina barn har älskat att gå på detta dagis och mina största längtar tillbaka dit. Läs mer
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  • anders a
    anders a skrev om Happy Kids Education AB
    outbildad personal och inte alltid tervliga opassande mattider men bra avgift Läs mer
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  • Sara
    Sara skrev om Happy Kids Education AB
    nej. Det är inte så bra dagis. Jag ska ALDRIG mer ta mina barn där. Utflykter?? Inte ofta. Jag tycker inte om att vi kan inte prata med personal utan prata med de chefen...som har alltid en syn punkterrrrrrr.
    I would NEVER send my child to that place. Most staff have no education. The owners are not so nice and the whole thing seems to be screwed up. I am not even sure that both owners have background in preschool, never mind education!
    No one/staff/ knows whats going on. The sisters (they are the owners) don't say the same thing... they change their stories at a drop of a hat.
    I onced asked a staff what type of education they had and they told me that I needed to ask that to the owner- I did and they said their staff meet their requierments--- they avoid the question totally- Much better day cares than this one.
    I had a friend that had their child there, I picked her up a few times and the things I saw. Läs mer
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