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  • 2019-03-05

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    Regina Gomez skrev om Samtrygg AB
    Samtrygg doesn’t give the service they offer.
    They offer a “trygghetspaket” that they don’t give. They charge 15% of the total rent for a “serviceavgift” specified in the invoice to pay every month. But that service is non-existent.
    The only thing that they do is “write the contract” but they don’t make the parts to comply with it.
    They don’t care about the tenants. And all that they say is that “you have to agree with the landlords”.

    They said that "they cannot force them to comply with the contract". No consequences if the landlords don't comply.

    When you hire an agency to rent a house you expect that the agency provides a professional SERVICE for which you are paying and MAKE SURE that the properties ARE in the conditions WRITTEN in the contract and that BOTH parts comply.

    Complying is NOT ONLY paying for the tenants. The LANDLORDS also have obligations and SAMTRYGG too. But they don’t care.

    We ended the contract due to constant breaches from the landlords, together with insults. Samtrygg did NOTHING!

    The perfect agency for irresponsible and cheater landlords. Läs mer
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