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Momentum Property Education was created to fill a need in the market. Founders Daniel Wood, Gisela Wood and Lukasz Brzyski, all successful property investors, came together to discuss their journey from regular jobs to becoming financially free through property investing.

Their journeys were eerily similar, they had all been taught by organisations professing to teach the simple model to learn how to invest in property. They had all three taken courses and learned “everything” there was to know about property investing before starting out. But when they actually started doing property investments they realised there was a lot they hadn’t learned. There were costs associated with projects that they had never been told about or taught to add to their calculations, there were challenges both legal, tax and regulations about raising finance that the companies that taught them property investing had completely skipped over.

This caused huge issues for Daniel, Gisela and Lukasz and all incurred significant setbacks and losses in their first years as investors, but they persisted. They continued to learn, they hired specialists, experts and experienced investors to teach them what they didn’t know and over time became proficient investors.

Gisela, Daniel and Lukasz have now done well over 100 property deals in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Poland. They have raised combined over 15 000 000 GBP for property deals and build stable portfolios that allow them to live “their dream lives”.

After their initial sit down where they realized how they all felt betrayed by the companies that taught them, they reached out to other investors from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the United States and over and over again they heard the same story – the courses people had taken had told the truth, they had given good education – BUT they hadn’t shared the whole truth, they hadn’t shared the details, they hadn’t provided the roadmap that people needed to succeed. This had caused people to lose money, in some cases their entire life savings.

Lukasz, Daniel and Gisela asked them, both those who had “failed” and those who had succeeded, what was good with your education, what was missing, if you could wish for the perfect support to help you become a successful property investor, how would that look?

Again, the three sat down and discussed what they had learned. They had learned that some companies provided truly top shelf property education but didn’t give people the ongoing support they needed, others didn’t help people overcome their own limiting beliefs which caused them to give up or fail before “breaking through” and reaching success, whilst others had incredible coaching programs but failed to properly teach the mechanics of property investing.

Daniel, Gisela and Lukasz decided that, after much prodding from the people they had spoken to, to found Momentum Property Education to fill this gap.
They spoke to some of the most experienced investors in the world, mentors who had taught thousands of people to invest successfully in property, they worked with coaches in other industries than property and they spoke to the students, those who had succeeded and those who have failed.
The result – Momentum Property Education

Momentum teaches you both the details in property investing and has a total transparency to the costs and difficulties involved as well as the challenges and setbacks the founders have had in their own journey. Momentum also will help you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs whilst supporting you long term to reach your goals.
One big change Momentum has made over other mentorship programs is that it is a 12 month program with a guarantee that the company will coach you through your fist deal (even if it comes after the 12 months are over).
Your mentor will hold you accountable, push you, support you, listen to you and teach you all you need to know to become a successful property investor.

This is the goal of Momentum, this is the mission and this is what we every day refine, this is what we every day improve – thanks to the ongoing feedback from our clients, we always ask, after every interaction – what could be better? What could we do to serve your needs better?
And then we take actions to improve.

Welcome to Momentum Property Education,
To Your Success!

Daniel, Gisela and Lukasz

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